PR-y 主宰 笠谷 圭見

When I started this project in 2011, the original purpose was to team up with a photographer and journalist to cover the realities of facilities for persons with disabilities.
As I frequented Atelier Yamanami and met people there, however, I became fascinated with the works of art created by artists with intellectual disabilities or mental disorders, and felt I wanted to make their works more widely known and give them the recognition they deserve. When I realized this, the focus of the project shifted to promoting their creations.
We have communicated the talents and intriguing works of these artists to the public through a broad range of activities and platforms, including the organization and curation of exhibitions, creation of fashion brands, production of documentary films, and publication of photography books containing portraits of the artists. While the outputs of the project are disseminated in diverse ways, we remain committed to one purpose: to convey the message that the negative views toward individuals with disabilities are not due to their being different from the non-disabled, but due to the DISTORTION of society stemming from the prejudice existing among us.
Through their creations, these artists remind us of the importance of facing such DISTORTION with open eyes and being honest with ourselves.

Yoshiaki Kasatani Director of PR-y

PR-y 主宰

笠谷 圭見


RISSI INC.のクリエイティブディレクターとして、広告、グラフィック・映像制作・空間演出などを手掛ける。2011年にPR-yを発足。「DISTORTION」というコンセプトワードを掲げて、写真集や書籍の刊行、ファッションブランドのプロデュース、ドキュメンタリー映画製作など、活動領域は多岐にわたる。

He was active in various artistic fields, including advertising, graphic design, videography and spatial production, as a creative director at RISSI INC. in the past. In 2011, he started the PR-y project and has since been engaged in a diverse range of activities, such as publication of photography and other books, creation of fashion brands and production of documentary films, under the concept of “DISTORTION.”


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